18 Mar 2021

Bremen, Germany: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of Crystek, a process to evaluate the composition and production of honey, which can predict and prevent crystallization. Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon where honey turns from its liquid state to a semi-solid state. Although not harmful, honey crystallization is less appealing to the end customer. As a result, honey producers have made substantial efforts to reduce the occurrence of crystallization in their products.

The Crystek program has two complementary components, a physical instrument which allows honey producers to perform their own crystallization testing, as well as Intertek’s hands-on expertise and support.

As part of Crystek’s holistic approach, Intertek experts offer additional testing which includes:

  • Detection of crystallization tendency
  • Determination of starter germs
  • Material composition and its effect on crystallization
  • Accelerated honey crystallization test

Intertek also offers the following onsite actions:

  • Review of production documents
  • Preliminary discussion on-site
  • Onsite production tour
  • Control of single machine parts
  • Overview of possible risks on-site
  • Overview of recommendation to set up improvements to increase the starting point

Calin Moldovean, Intertek President, Business Assurance and Food Services said, “As global leaders in honey testing and analysis, Intertek is always working to develop better, more comprehensive solutions. The launching of Crystek will help put our expertise in the hands of our customer, enabling them to make quicker and more informed decisions in their efforts to prevent crystallization of their product.”

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