09 Aug 2020

Riyadh/Dubai, UAE, Intertek has recently announced the launch of Protek, the first health, safety and wellbeing assurance programme in the world, which is intended to protect people, workplaces and public spaces. Protek is the first comprehensive offering of assurance services designed to provide businesses across all industry sectors, employees, and consumers the confidence they need to operate in the post-COVID-19 ‘new normal’.

Intertek recently signed a contract to provide its Protek solutions to ALBAIK, one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular quick service restaurant chains. Companies from across industries have been reaching out to Intertek to provide its Protek assurance solutions in their organisation, with multiple contracts recently signed.

As part of Protek, Intertek Cristal which focuses on quality, safety and risk management for the hospitality sectors, will provide the POSI Check audit solution to ALBAIK to help in the Prevention of the Spread of Infection (POSI) for their 100+ restaurants. The solution is designed to formulate and monitor an effective response to communicable infections.

Further, Protek Dine Check protocol will ensure that cleanliness and hygiene levels spanning the kitchens, furnishings, washrooms and surfaces in every restaurant meet the most stringent standards for guests and Team Members alike. Considered together, both POSI Check and Dine Check will provide independent assurance that ALBAIK is fulfilling its duty of care and providing Team Members and Customers with the confidence they need to while enjoying their favourite ALBAIK experience. POSI Check and Dine Check accreditations will be made visible in the form of signs and certificates across the premises.

Matthew Skinner, Regional Managing Director, at Intertek said: “In these uncertain times where public health and safety are a priority for all, never has it been more important for Intertek to offer its leading expertise and guidance to customers across multiple industries. Our new Protek offering is the first of its kind in the Middle East and we are very proud to be working with ALBAIK, one of the largest and most admired restaurant chains in Saudi Arabia, to ensure all their sites have implemented independently assured health, safety and hygiene practices. This programme will reassure customers that they are dining in a restaurant that meets the most demanding health, safety and cleanliness standards.”

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