Intertek To Conduct Remote Audits of Sedex Sites and Workplaces globally using its Inview Audit Technology

August 03, 2020

Lowell MA, USA - Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce the approval to perform Sedex Virtual Assessments (SVA) to provide remote audits of sites and workplaces around the world.

Intertek has worked with Sedex, an organisation committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their members’ supply chains, to create a remote method of auditing and Intertek is one of only a small group of approved organisations with the ability to conduct SVAs remotely. The SVA allows a qualified social auditor to assess a site remotely, using video conferencing and specific software and is a combination of desktop based and remote activities to help assess social performance, thus allowing both suppliers and Sedex members to maintain visibility of social issues and risks.

“Intertek is proud to be one of the organisations trusted by Sedex to help develop and utilise the Sedex Virtual Assessment program,” says Calin Moldovean, President, Intertek Business Assurance & Food Services. “Now more than ever, Sedex Members and organisations who operate with vast supply chains need the insight and transparency into their overseas supplier operations. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder to physically visit locations to perform audits, it has opened the opportunity to embrace technological advances and offer our clients an alternative solution that meets the same standard of quality they have come to expect from an Intertek audit.”

Intertek will conduct SVAs remotely, using the Intertek Inview Audit technology by a qualified auditor using a video and audio source located in the sleek and light-weight harness. Wearing the Information Communication Technology (ICT), the customer partner and the auditor can interact in real-time, evaluating the facility, conducting interviews, and reviewing the necessary documentation.

The technology-driven, value-added approach of the Inview Audit Program is an important aspect for Intertek’s Business Assurance group as they continue to drive innovation in a rapidly changing, global business environment. As businesses expand their operations and supply chains across international borders it is increasingly important to be able to have a cohesive approach to quality, safety, and sustainability goals throughout the entire organisation. Third-party verification of facility and vendor operations will evaluate process efficiencies, reduce costs and intrinsic risks to the business, while improving working conditions, and ensure ethical business practices are being upheld.

Intertek has been conducting Sedex SMETA audits since the process was introduced in 2004. Our auditors are located around the world, offering our customers local auditors who have the advantage of understanding local languages, native cultures, local laws and various issues of concern to specific regions. In addition, Intertek’s auditors are highly trained and have significant industry-specific experience, helping to ensure that SMETA audits are accepted by all stakeholders and customers. The Sedex (SMETA) program is offered as part of Intertek’s Supply Chain Solutions, which helps organisations all over the world manage social compliance, risk and sustainability within the supply chain of global multi-nationals, brands and retailers.

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