Intertek Manchester invests in new analytical testing service to support local oil and gas industry

August 05, 2019

(Manchester, UK) Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Production & Integrity Assurance laboratory in Trafford Park, Manchester.

The laboratory has introduced a new analytical testing service, providing the local region with a wide range of routine monitoring services including corrosion support, water chemistry analysis and deposit identification. The new services which are mostly sought after by the local oil and gas and water industries can be utilized across all local industry to ensure the continuation of smooth operations and reduction in the likelihood of equipment failure for local businesses.

The team of laboratory analysts and experts onsite has been expanded to support the introduction of the new service offering. The expansion of the business follows significant investment in 2015 in the Trafford Park facility which allowed all branches of the Production and Integrity Assurance business (formerly CAPCIS) to be brought under one roof to the current 2,500 square metre bespoke facility.

Intertek Production and Integrity Assurance services, based in Manchester boasts one of the largest corrosion laboratories in the world and provides consultancy and testing services to industrial sectors offering a range of services with a primary focus on corrosion support.

John Caskie, Sales Manager, Intertek Production & Integrity Assurance, said: “We are pleased to be able to support the local industry by growing our team to provide analytical testing services to meet the demands to conduct routine monitoring on process systems. This enables clients to catch issues early or determine the root cause of upsets when they occur, such as blocked pump filters, fouling in heating and cooling mediums, scale build-up in process lines or corrosion of process equipment – all of which could cause unplanned downtime.”

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