Intertek Caleb Brett expands its petrochemical activities with new laboratory on the Left Bank at the Port of Antwerp

July 16, 2019

Intertek Caleb Brett Belgium, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, and experts in qualitative and quantitative analytical assessment services to the oil and gas, chemical, and other commodities markets, is expanding its current inspection and testing services at the Port of Antwerp with a new location on the Left Bank.

Vital for imports and exports on the Left Bank, this new laboratory enables direct access for chemical carriers, refiners, distributors and trade companies. Operational as of August 1, 2019, this location will focus on chemical solvents, petrochemicals and special chemicals, and in the later phase, gases can also be analysed.

Intertek has seized the opportunity to expand its services to a new location to better service our clients. Due to increased traffic between the Right Bank and the Left Bank, we are continually seeking ways to optimise our service delivery and turnaround time, and with this new location we will continue to support all customers in their continued growth. The inspection and testing process will be faster which increases the capacity of the number of vessels on the Left Bank and we are helping to improve the operational efficiency of inspection planning for activities on the Left Bank.

With a dedicated crew of trained inspectors and lab technicians onsite and reachable 24 hours by phone or email, Intertek Caleb Brett will provide the quickest response time for any vessel, shore tank, drum, truck or rail inspection service.

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Site Director
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Laboratory Manager
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