14 Aug 2018

Lowell, MA, USA - Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has earned accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the national accreditation body for the United Kingdom, for ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management systems certification. Published in October 2016, ISO 37001:2016 assists organisations across multiple industries in eradicating bribery and other forms of corruption from the workplace.

The ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management certification will ensure consumer and public confidence in capabilities and competence of an organisation. The new standard provides multiple benefits such as developing a culture of integrity, transparency, and compliance thus enhancing the quality of product, services and operations. The standard includes clauses for assessment and management, leadership, due diligence of personnel and continuous monitoring for improvement regardless of an organisations industry, size, or nature of activity.

Calin Moldovean, President of Intertek Business Assurance, said “Intertek is proud to be one of the first ISO 37001 UKAS accredited Certification Bodies. We can now assist organisations in their efforts to combat bribery and corruption across various industries worldwide. Implementing an anti-bribery management system will provide support in increasing transparency and compliance for organisations and management systems across the globe.” The Business Assurance group of Intertek provides a full range of business process audit and support services, including accredited third-party management systems auditing and certification, training, second-party and supplier auditing. Our global network of expert auditors works with our clients to help them improve operations, meet regulatory requirements, reduce environmental impact, and achieve business objectives.

For more information on ISO management systems certifications please visit: https://www.intertek.com/business-assurance/

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