26 Mar 2018

(London) Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announces the launch of InlightTM Advantage, a new service-offering designed to accelerate a customer’s onboarding process with a series of off-the-shelf compliance modules to assess risk in their global supply chain operations.

Intertek Inlight is an end-to-end, risk management solution which provides the platform, process, and experts to enable clients to make empowered decisions for their supply chain which is vital in today’s complex global business landscape. The Inlight Advantage solution starts the journey to the full service Inlight platform and is designed as a ready-to-use, self-assessment questionnaire that provides clients with:

  • A quick and cost-effective way to onboard and enrol as part of the Inlight program within one day
  • The ability to choose from a list of key compliance modules to profile and validate each supplier for supply chain compliance risks
  • Access to industry compliance modules that include Modern Slavery, Security of Goods and Social Compliance, Chemical Management, Food Safety, and more.

Users can evaluate their suppliers by applying country inherent risk profiles, followed by a self-assessment questionnaire. Data gathered through the system is analysed to show trends in their supplier network and benchmark facilities against industry and regional results and the analytical reports enable organisations to easily identify improvement opportunities and follow up actions. This information can be verified by the Intertek compliance experts where the supplier is based, in their local language. The Inlight Advantage assessment is a valuable tool in helping organisations remediate any issues by triggering corrective actions or conducting on-site audits.

“Organisations all over the world are faced with an ever growing and complex supplier network”, says Calin Moldovean, President of Intertek Business Assurance. “Our Inlight Advantage solution allows our partners to better manage their suppliers’ compliance to local and international legislation, regulations, and industry standards, giving them more time to focus on mitigating risk and doing business the right way.”

For more information about Inlight Advantage, visit www.inlight-intertek.com.

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