22 Jan 2018

Combining WRT additive products with Intertek technical expertise in the main French ports to provide customers with convenient access to a consistent and reliable operational and technical services.

(Le Havre) Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide and WRT, a world leader in the manufacture, distribution and application of additives for crude oil, petroleum products and fuels announce the expansion of their petroleum cargo treatment alliance in France.

Located in Dunkerque, Le Havre, Brest, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Fos/Lavera, Strasbourg/Mulhouse, Intertek Cargo Additive Treatments Service provides:

  • Tailored dosage recommendations to meet specific applications
  • Mobile equipment is available on a global basis for on-site and off-shore treatments
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Management (H2S)
  • International Trade Cargo Additive Treatments

“Petroleum refined cargoes including gasoline and diesel are shipped globally to foreign markets. Due to the quality specification differences between fuel grades from country to country, additives are often used to treat and improve specifications”, said Flavien Rolland, Intertek Cargo Additive Treatment Manager.

Combining WRT additive products with Intertek technical expertise provides a 24/7 “One Stop Shop Package” which includes coordinated inspection, hand blends, additive additions & testing on main France ports. Through this partnership, customers benefit from:

  • Industry experience for optimal additive solutions
  • Reliability through combination of expertise: the right product at the right time and with precision
  • Speed-to-Market

Both WRT & Intertek are looking forward to this new partnership. Maarten Koenen, Sales Manager at WRT mentioned “We are pleased to partner with Intertek to expand petroleum cargo treatment in France and are looking forward to a beneficial cooperation” and Yann Le Houedec, Intertek Cargo & Analytical Assessment General Manager, added “We are pleased to partner with WRT, the strength of both companies will help our customers to meet all the safety and quality requirements”.

For Media Information

Please contact:
Charlotte Leleu
France PR Manager
Tel: +33 232 093 651
Email: charlotte.leleu@intertek.com  

For Technical Information

Please contact:
Flavien Rolland
Tel: +33 546 076 721
Email: doping.france@intertek.com  

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