09 Jan 2018

(Cardiff) Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announces that Intertek Energy & Water has been appointed as an Industrial Partner on a 42-month research project led by Imperial College London.

The project is funded through the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Industrial Innovation Fellowship scheme. Its aim is to help optimise prospective tidal range energy projects to maximise energy production from tidal range schemes. The research findings will be used by marine energy developers, technical consultants and experts in environmental and coastal processes and aims to help provide further insight into the links between certain tidal power designs and the marine environment in the short term. Furthermore, the study will facilitate the optimisation of numerical assessment practices within this specialist field using the methods and software developed during the project.

Dr Athanasios Angeloudis, Research Fellow at Imperial College London, said: “The tidal energy potential in the UK is vast, but also presents formidable engineering and environmental challenges that need to be addressed. We believe that the success of marine energy as a viable contributor to energy generation requires research between industry and academia. I am very enthusiastic about working closely with engineering and environmental consultants such as Intertek, to develop methods safely and sustainably that will help strengthen the marine renewable energy industry.”

Dr Paul Evans, Intertek Energy and Water, said: “Given Intertek’s expertise in the marine renewables sector, we are in a unique position to provide support that will help ensure that Dr Angeloudis’ research is timely and of maximum value to the renewable energy industry. We have supported this research project by securing environmental compliance on numerous hydrodynamic models that have been used for detailed tidal resource assessments.”

Intertek has extensive experience providing Total Quality assessments for projects in the marine and coastal environment, providing services for renewable energy, power transmission, oil & gas, water, and ports & harbours. We tackle complex environmental, regulatory and operational challenges throughout the project life cycle – from concept, feasibility and design, through construction and operation, to decommissioning. We also partner and work with developers, operators, asset owners, utilities, lenders and governments.

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