03 Dec 2015

Intertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) commemorated 10 years of working together in support of SONCAP, SON’s Conformity Assessment Programme which was implemented to ensure that products exported to Nigeria meet minimum safety requirements, preventing Nigerian consumers from being exposed to potentially unsafe and sub-standard goods.

Intertek is approved by SON to issue the necessary certification to exporters to meet the requirements of the programme and has been a SON Conformity Assessment Partner also known as an Independent Accredited Firm (IAF) since SONCAPs inception.

Lena Atmani, Director of Business Development, Intertek Government and Trade Services, together with the Mr Victor Faleye of Intertek Nigeria, recently presented Dr Joseph I Odumodu, Director General of SON with a commemorative plaque as well as donating laboratory equipment.

The equipment will assist SON in combatting the import of substandard and counterfeit goods to the country which in turn will protect their citizens from the devastating effects of such goods. Intertek is committed to supporting standards authorities in achieving this. On behalf of SON (Standards Organisation of Nigeria), Dr Odumodu thanked the Intertek team for their efforts and ongoing support towards ensuring improved compliance to Nigerian standards and stated that SON were looking forward to continued success as they reached their 10th Anniversary.

Further information: www.intertek.com/government/product-conformity/exports/nigeria/


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