30 Nov 2015

Boca Raton, FL– Intertek, a leading provider of quality solutions worldwide, announces expanded testing and consulting services to support companies in complying with the non-intentionally added substance (NIAS) regulations.  These regulations are designed to ensure the safe use of packaging and other materials or surfaces that come into contact with food during production and processing, and are also known as food contact materials.
Unsafe food contact materials have the potential to affect people’s health, globally. Steps have been taken to address this such as the European Union regulating food contact materials throughout the supply chain through required assessment of the potential migration of intentionally added substances (IAS) used in their manufacture.  The Framework Regulation 1935/2004 requires that declarations of compliance for materials and articles include a risk assessment of all substances which may migrate into food. A clear definition of potential non-intentionally added substances is provided in EU Regulation 10/2011. NIAS includes impurities within the original materials, those formed during the production process, or those occurring as a result of the decomposition of the product.
David Eaves, Intertek Regulatory Consultant, UK, states “The challenge for food contact material manufacturers will be to determine what NIAS substances are present and perform a risk assessment. At each step in the supply chain, where the food contact material has been intentionally modified, or there is potential for introduction of additional NIAS substances, this will need to be evaluated and the risk assessed.”  David Eaves will also be offering a complimentary webinar on December 3, 2015, “NIAS - Regulatory drivers, overcoming the technical challenges and the steps required to assess potential health risks”. To register for this webinar, please visit: https://www.intertek.com/food/webinar-series/.
Intertek’s team of food contact specialists have expanded their services, with new, highly sensitive analytical instrumentation to further support the industry’s NIAS risk assessments of substances present in food contact materials. Naeem Mady, Intertek’s Vice President, Regulatory Services states, “For over 20 years, Intertek has been working with EU EFSA and US FDA to address the presence of both IAS and NIAS during the food contact notification process. Intertek is uniquely positioned to support our clients through our combination of regulatory expertise, analytical testing, and toxicological risk assessments.  This ensures regulatory compliance and safety of food contact materials for their intended use.” To learn more about the regulatory and NIAS services offered by our experts and within the larger Intertek organisation, please visit https://www.intertek.com/food/contact/nias/.

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