16 Oct 2015

Lowell, MA - Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide announced the approval by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to be accredited to the ISO 55001 standard for Asset Management Systems.

ISO 55001 was designed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to allow businesses to examine the performance of their assets and asset systems. The standard allows organisations to manage anything that creates or holds value, from airplanes and automobiles to brand reputation and digital footprints. The focus is on key assets that are critical for achieving management objectives while using the process approach to auditing to help ensure optimal asset lifecycle management. Organisations can then realize the maximum value from those assets.

Major benefits to the standard can include improved financial performance as well as services and outputs, managed risk, demonstrated social responsibility and compliance, enhanced reputation, improved organisational sustainability, and improved efficiency and effectiveness. Once these assets are realized, ISO 55001 can help identify risks associated with ownership which can then be studied and reduced, allowing for continuous cost and efficiency improvements within the organisation.

Intertek has developed comprehensive Asset Management solutions that include a number of services to provide organisations with opportunities to select the best approach to enhance their internal competence and to benefit from compliance of their Asset Management Systems and current practices with ISO 55001.

“ISO 55001 for Asset Management is the newest addition to the broad portfolio of risk based services Intertek offers including management systems certifications against international standards for Information Security & Technology, Road Traffic Safety, and Business Continuity Management” says Calin Moldovean, President of Intertek Business Assurance. “Intertek is proud to offer complete solutions accredited by UKAS and designed to help organisations improve their performance, reach their objectives, effectively and consistently manage associated risks, and contribute to the sustainable business development in the sectors and locations where they operate.”

What is Asset Integrity Management?

Intertek’s Asset Integrity Management group supports organisations that operate power plants, refineries, chemical plants, utilities/civil infrastructure and manufacturing sites, maintaining and protecting the operational integrity of their facilities and equipment which is a high priority in delivering their product to consumers and clients. The goal of asset integrity management (AIM) is to effectively manage corporate assets in order to gain maximum value, profitability and returns while safeguarding personnel, the community, and the environment. Intertek’s credibility and in-depth industry experience provides qualified specialists and engineering support in all areas of asset integrity management, including design, process safety, mechanical integrity, inspection and maintenance, operational and process support, and risk analysis.

For more information about ISO 55001 please visit us at https://www.intertek.com/business-assurance/iso-55001-2014/.


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