30 Jun 2015

Intertek, a leading provider of quality solutions worldwide, has been providing welding expertise to the studio of the world-famous sculptor Antony Gormley.

During the past four years, welding engineer Mick Hurt has been training Gormley’s staff on welding techniques and inspecting welds on his sculptures.

The acclaimed sculptor is famed for his Angel of the North figure in Gateshead and works with a team of assistants who help him in his creations. As many of Gormley’s sculptures require welding, Mick helped to train three studio assistants on welding techniques at Antony’s Vale Royal Studio in London in 2011.

Antony Gormley’s assistants then applied their welding training in the construction of Gormley’s Cloud Chain structure. In 2012, Mick travelled down to the National Archives of France at Saint Denis, Paris – where the sculpture was exhibited and remains - to inspect and certify the welds on the Cloud Chain structure.

More recently, Mick has returned to Gormley’s studio in London to assist further with their welder requirements and testing.

Mick Hurt said: “It is not often my welding expertise and training is called upon by the studio of one of the world’s most famous sculptors and it’s certainly different from the projects I am usually working with. But it was a real pleasure to meet Antony and train his talented team on welding. I am delighted to have played a small part in the creation of one of his magnificent sculptures.”

Rob van Dorp, Chief Executive, Intertek UK & Eire said: “It’s exciting for our Intertek experts, who normally provide welding and testing services for oil refineries, power stations and the construction industry, to transfer their specialist skills to the British art scene and to be part of creating these iconic sculptures, such as Cloud Chain.”

Intertek supports a wide range of industries including aerospace, rail, general engineering, power generation, construction, petrochemical and oil and gas with its diverse range of welding services and non-destructive testing techniques.

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