19 Jun 2015

Intertek targets ‘Tea-time Terrors’

Intertek, a leading provider of quality solutions worldwide, supported Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT)’s Child Safety Week by providing expert child and in-home safety tips to parents of young children at a London school.

Child Safety Week is an annual campaign happening 1 – 7 June 2015 that helps to raise awareness of risks to children in the home, as well as how those risks can be mitigated and prevented. The Child Accident Prevention Trust is a U.K. charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed or seriously injured by accidents, and Child Safety Week is the organization’s community education programme in which experts and professionals offer advice on how parents and families can improve child safety in their homes and communities.

Taking part in Child Safety Week, Geraldine Cosh, Intertek Product Intelligence Senior Safety Engineer, presented “Tea-time Terrors” on the evening of 2 June at St Monica’s Pre-school (Borough of Enfield, London), a seminar which focused on child safety and products you may find in the home. The presentation offered practical tips and pointers for this potentially busy time of day, as well as advice to parents on how to better recognize potential risks in the home and how to prevent child-related accidents. Geraldine is particularly apt to give this presentation as, in addition to her safety expertise, she also is mum to St Monica’s Pre-school attendee Katie Cosh—providing her with both personal and professional experience on topics of accident prevention.

“As safety professionals”, said Gareth Emerson, Director of Intertek Product Intelligence Europe, “we know all too well that the key to accident prevention lies in education. We are proud to participate in CAPT’s Child Safety Week.”

A focus for CAPT’s Child Safety Week 2015 are these kinds of hectic-day oversights and the accidents that can happen at this time of day when pressures are at their peak. Geraldine’s presentation offered information and advice about real in-home risks and how parents can make small changes to keep children safe, so that safety isn’t just another job on an already-overwhelming list of things to do.

Additional information on this and other events and seminars taking place as part of Child Safety Week 2015 can be found at www.childsafetyweek.org.uk.

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