16 Jun 2015

Makati, Philippines – Intertek (LSE: ITRK), a leading provider of quality services to a wide range of industries worldwide, has achieved official accreditation for the testing of various food products, food supplements, beverages, bottled water, human drugs and herbal supplements, cosmetics and toys products, under the Philippine Food and Drug Administration Laboratory Accreditation (FDALA) Scheme.

This official accreditation is an important milestone for Intertek as it further demonstrates the organisation’s dedicated commitment and enhanced competency towards continual product and process improvement. The approved accredited facility located at Makati City, the central financial district of Manila, offers integrated solutions, including established expertise for the food, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. Broader analytical capabilities include physico-chemical tests, microbiological assessments, as well as nutritional labeling.

Intertek Food Services supports the food industry from farm to fork, including producers, manufacturers to Food Business Operators (FBOs), with integrated solutions that help customers to identify the relevance quickly and guide them effectively through improved analytical processes, in response to market and regulatory changes.

Ms Sandy Bucao, Country Managing Director of Intertek Philippines said: “Intertek is delighted to have been awarded with the official accreditation by the Philippine FDA, as it complements the existing local capabilities. It fosters an important partnership with the local authorities in promoting food safety and quality and also in limiting the number of non-compliant products in the market.”

The accreditation will provide Intertek customers with much needed assurance as they try to keep up with the growing number of product compliance requirements being implemented by the FDA. The Philippine FDA requires every manufacturer, seller or distributor of food, drugs, beverage, bottled water, cosmetics and toy products to secure a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) without which their products cannot be allowed to be sold in the Philippines. The CPR requires the submission of Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an accredited laboratory. Likewise, for food products, the role of the accredited labs is important in meeting the new food labeling requirements which will soon be implemented by the FDA.

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