02 Jun 2015

Intertek supports environmental sustainability efforts

Boca Raton, FL – Intertek, a leading provider of quality solutions worldwide, helped Geo-Tech Polymers, a leader in plastic coating removal technology, receive clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their recycled plastics process.  
Geo-Tech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wastren Advantage Inc., located in Waverly, Ohio, possesses a plastic cleaning technology and chemistry that transforms low-value plastics to virgin like quality resins. The company developed a patented process and chemistry for removing surface coatings such as ink, chrome, paint, films and labels utilized in both rigid and flexible plastics prior to reprocessing.  
Letters expressing favourable opinions from the US FDA are called "No Objection Letters” (NOL) and can be used by the recipients to assure their prospective customers and the industry that the products they are selling have been evaluated by the FDA and deemed acceptable to be used back into a food contact applications. The NOL received by Geo-Tech is applicable to all grades of plastics originating as FDA cleared materials.  It represents that Geo-Tech has demonstrated that their patented coating removal process and chemistry allows inks and coatings to be successfully removed from plastics, resulting in clear plastics that can be reused into new food contact applications. Typically printed or pigmented plastics are destined for the landfill or to return as black resin and used at very low recycled content percentages in industrial applications.
“When Geo-Tech needed 3rd party verification for our patented coating removal process and chemistry we reached out to the company we felt had the best reputation in the industry”, states Ron Whaley, Geo-Tech President and CEO.
"We were excited to see Geo-Tech receive the NOL from the FDA. Their process provides the industry with a recycled resin that is suitable for all types of food contact applications,” states Mr. Naeem Mady, VP of Intertek Regulatory Services.  “Innovation is the key in an industry that demands convenience, sustainability and environmentally safe solutions.  Intertek regulatory and packaging expertise is invaluable in this process and is the reason our clients rely on us time and time again.”
Intertek’s HERS team offer a variety of services related to food contact materials and compliance.  To learn more about Intertek food contact services, visit: https://www.intertek.com/packaging/testing/migration-and-food-contact/

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