06 May 2015

Leading global quality solutions provider Intertek’s Farnborough laboratory is supporting Britannia, the new P&O Cruises flagship, by providing independent Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) services which monitor the condition of Britannia’s engines and other oil lubricated systems.

Britannia, the largest cruise ship designed exclusively for British holiday market, set sail from Southampton last month, to fulfil a busy timetable of Mediterranean cruisers, which does not allow for unexpected engine and machinery repairs or time out of service.

Lubricant Quality Scan (LQS) at Intertek Farnborough provides Oil Condition Monitoring services for the whole UK P&O Cruises fleet. LQS is a specialist marine focussed service which has been providing OCM services to maritime & cruise ship companies, oil rigs and offshore platform and asset management companies for over a decade. This service helps to prolong the life of the thousands of litres of oil used in engines and other system, as well as detecting potential faults before they lead to catastrophic failures. Intertek LQS’s experts provide in-depth interpretation of data, using years of specialist marine OCM experience.

David Breach, Intertek’s UK Cargo and Analytical Assessment Business Line Leader said: “Intertek is proud to support as prestigious a cruise ship as Britannia. These cruise liners have busy schedules, so checking and pre-empting issues greatly reduces the risk of unexpected machinery repairs or the need to take ships out of service, which is both costly and disruptive.”

LQS is one part of Intertek’s global OCM service, and further to the marine focussed OCM,  the global OCM programme helps aviation, rail companies, wind turbine operators, shipping, automotive and many other clients. Operating on a global basis, Intertek OCM labs offer detailed oil and lubricant testing, presented in easy-to-read and understandable reports. The laboratories provide expert oil analysis, including spectrometry, viscosity, dilution, water detection, acid number, base number, particle counting, and microscopy analysis to accurately test lubricant oil samples.

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