09 Apr 2015

(Italy) Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide announced the approval by the European Commission to certify to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) EN 1090 relating to the execution of steel and aluminum structures.

The Construction Products Regulation places conditions for the marketing of construction products by establishing rules on how the performance of the products is expressed in relation to their essential characteristics and on the use of the CE marking of those products.

According to European law importers and distributors of construction materials must insure that their products bear a CE mark, this certification must also be supplemented by correct documentation and information showing compliance to the requirements of Construction Products Regulations. These regulations directly apply to all member states of the European Union.

The CPR necessitates that basic requirements should be met by all construction materials, including mechanical resistance and stability, fire safety, sustainability of natural resources including energy conservation and heat retention, and protection against noise.

“Intertek is pleased to announce the addition of the EU Construction Products Regulation EN 1090-1 to our services. This is an important piece that is combined with ISO 3834 certification, in order to offer a more comprehensive service to customers operating in this business sector. This regulation is just one of many steps Intertek has taken to help our clients not only comply with governmental regulations but increase their business’ quality and safety standards around the globe” says Calin Moldovean, President of Intertek’s Business Assurance group.


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