03 Feb 2015

Intertek Group plc ("Intertek") a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, announces that it has acquired Adelaide Inspection Services Pty Ltd ("AIS") for a total cash consideration of AUD 12 million (GBP 7 million). AIS are an Australian provider of non-destructive testing (NDT) services primarily to the power generation, with support also to construction, oil, gas and mining industries.

The acquisition of AIS provides a vehicle for Intertek to extend its global NDT capabilities within Australasia, localising its portfolio of industry services for energy infrastructure customers. NDT services complement Intertek's asset integrity management and technical inspection capability, enabling a complete solution to meet industry leading infrastructure compliance and inspection requirements. AIS' expertise in carrying out NDT for the energy industry also allows Intertek to diversify and expand its suite of technical services to the power generation sector.

NDT techniques are used to detect flaws in industrial components, without disrupting operations or delaying processes. X-ray, ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing can be used to monitor the internal condition of company assets throughout the project life cycle, from construction and operation to maintenance and decommissioning. Demand for NDT is driven by customers seeking to improve the integrity and lifecycle of their existing assets. In addition to NDT, AIS provides in-service inspection of pressure equipment, heat treatment and metallurgical laboratory testing.

AIS employs 60 personnel across three branches close to key Australian resource hubs: South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania. The operation in Gladstone is known locally as Central Queensland Inspection Services and Metaserv in Tasmania. AIS have also recently commenced operations in Darwin, Northern Territory, to support major infrastructure projects.

This acquisition positions Intertek as a key provider of NDT services across four key international hubs, and is aligned with the Company's global growth strategy following the acquisition of NDT Services Ltd in the UK, Global X-Ray & Testing Corporation in the USA and INSPEC in the U.A.E.

Stefan Butz, Group Executive Vice President of Intertek's Industry & Assurance division commented: "AIS is an exciting addition to our existing NDT and industry services offering. It is our focus and global commitment to reduce downtime, by providing our clients with increased asset reliability, on-going production integrity and mitigation of unplanned outages. As our fourth investment in global NDT expertise, customers can rely on a single provider to deliver a comprehensive solution to their industrial inspection and asset integrity management requirements."


Frederic Leforestier
Regional Director, Australasia, Intertek Industry Services
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Peter Howarth
National Business Development and Marketing Manager, Intertek Australasia
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About AIS

Established in 1997, Adelaide Inspection Services Pty Ltd (AIS) is a leader in the provision of non-destructive testing services to the power generation, energy, construction, mining, oil and gas sectors. AIS partners with customers to mitigate unplanned shutdowns and provide asset integrity, mechanical and non-destructive testing, in-situ heat treatment, in-service inspection of pressure equipment, fabrication inspection and expediting services. From project inception, commissioning and production, AIS is focused on delivering quality outcomes and offers unrivalled technical expertise, systems, and sustainable industry performance.

What is NDT?

NDT is an analysis technique used on many materials found in a wide range of applications such as power stations, processing plants, pipelines, refineries and oil platforms - both during construction and ongoing operations maintenance. The technique uses non-destructive methods including ultrasonic, liquid dye penetrants, radiographic (incorporating pulse waves), liquid or radiation to detect flaws such as cracks or weld porosity. As plant operators come under increasing pressure to minimise unplanned shutdowns and improve profitability and safety, NDT is seen as a key service to help companies face regulations and standardisation, extend asset lifespans, and ensure quality, safety and reliability.