23 Feb 2014

(Dubai) Intertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, provided the bio-jet fuel quality testing for Etihad Airways’ historic demonstration flight of a Boeing 777 using the first UAE-produced bio-kerosene, based upon innovative plant biomass-processing technology.

Before the flight, Intertek conducted the final quality control testing for the jet biofuel blend, a new fuel which was partially converted from biomass. The UAE is one of a handful of countries that have produced and flown commercial aircraft using their own bio-kerosene (jet fuel).

Intertek’s Sharjah petroleum and fuels laboratory has provided jet fuel quality testing services to Etihad Airways for over two years. Intertek’s international sampling and testing network helps to ensure aviation fuel supply chain fuel quality is maintained. Intertek UAE provides additional jet fuel quality testing to ASTM, MIL, DefStan, AFQRJOS, and other jet aviation industry standards.

“Intertek is proud to support and to be associated with Etihad Airways’ successful jet biofuel project,” said Robert Tawil, General Manager for the Analytical Assessment business line. “Intertek has a long-standing presence in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf, offering petroleum and chemical testing and inspection services as well as a wide range of regulatory and technical services."

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