Intertek ShipCare Expands Global Coordination Centre

October 09, 2013

Intertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, has expanded their Darlington UK ShipCare Coordination Centre to better support their growing international marine services business.

The Intertek ShipCare business has expanded and upgraded its Darlington, UK Global Coordination Centre, allowing for an increase in the Global ShipCare Logistics and Coordination teams to better provide continued and enhanced delivery of high quality services to ShipCare's valued clients. The existing legacy Lintec Testing Services coordination centre area is undergoing refurbishment to complement the new extension, and will be ready in October, 2013.

Intertek provides ShipCare services in 250 major ports, located in over 100 countries. The Darlington UK Centre coordinates and reports ShipCare work worldwide, providing clients with one single, convenient, point of contact for global services.

Intertek's ShipCare program provides a range of value-added services supporting the world's seagoing vessels with testing, inspection, and technical expertise. Global capabilities include marine bunker fuel quality and quantity measurement and assurance, marine lubricants condition monitoring, and related expert troubleshooting and preventive maintenance solutions.

The ShipCare marine fuel quality testing programme conforms to ISO 8217 and provides full engineering comments, giving international clients fast, comprehensive information to better protect engines and powertrains, promote safe burning of fuel, achieving optimum performance and reliability, and meet legislative and environmental compliance.

In addition bunker quantity surveys, available on a global basis, help protect the ship owner and operator's financial interests when taking delivery of bunker fuels. Bunker fuel is usually the most expensive component of any sea voyage involving large vessels.

Tracking changes in ship machinery lubricant quality is another benefit of ShipCare. Intertek's Oil Condition Monitoring programme provides vital "early-warning" of impending problems, helping avoid machinery failures, reducing risk of unplanned downtime and costly repairs.

"Intertek's expansion of the ShipCare Global Coordination Centre allows us to give clients enhanced service levels while supporting an increasing number of valued clients around the world. The shipping industry truly benefits from the rapid quality control testing, field, and technical services we offer. ShipCare helps protects client assets, crew safety, and the environment." said Steve Bee, Global Business Director for Intertek ShipCare, "Our goal is to continue providing these key services promptly on a 24/7/365 basis. Our dedication to quality customer service is second to none."

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