11 Oct 2012

Research Demonstrates Technology That Can Reduce Carbon Monoxide from a Generator

San Antonio, TX – Intertek, a global leader in quality solutions serving a wide range of industries, performed testing for the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on a prototype low emission portable generator. The primary purpose of the independent laboratory tests was to measure the performance of the prototype engine at its end of rated life according to standardized dynamometer 6-mode emission test procedures.

The study demonstrated that readily available technology can dramatically reduce deadly carbon monoxide (CO) emission rates from certain common portable gasoline powered generators. The technology can provide additional critical time for consumers to recognize and escape from the deadly hazard of carbon monoxide poisoning. With the release of this study, the CPSC urges manufacturers to voluntarily adopt a stringent CO emission standard for engines used in portable gasoline powered generators with the expectation that it will improve safety and save lives.

Intertek’s San Antonio facility met the CPSC’s requirement for a laboratory that provides emission testing meeting the EPA’s testing procedures and regulations for small nonroad spark ignition engines. Intertek’s laboratory provides EPA and CARB certification engine data on a variety of engine sizes, including small, nonroad engines such as those used to power portable generators. Intertek’s emission test facility is lab to lab correlated with the EPA and major manufacturer emission test facilities. After performing tests with the engine installed in the generator in order to determine the engine power achieved during the 500 hours of durability testing, Intertek extracted the prototype engine from the generator and mounted it on a dynamometer. Intertek then performed EPA B-Cycle steady-state emission tests on the engine both with and without the aged catalyst installed in the muffler.

“We are honored to be selected by the CPSC to support the development of its expanding safety research and industry guidance” stated Neil Chapman, Vice President of Chemical and Pharmaceuticals, North America at Intertek. “We look forward to working together in the future helping to implement a world-class framework that is responsive to the unique needs of the market”.

CPSC’s complete report, including Intertek’s test report, is available online. CPSC is soliciting comments on their staff report and requests that they be sent to CPSC’s Office of Secretary, cpsc-os@cpsc.gov, by November 13, 2012.

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