Intertek Launches its New Sandblasting Assessment & Management Programme to Safeguard Workers and Manage Sandblasting Risk in the Denim Manufacturing Industry

May 17, 2011

Paris, France – Intertek is pleased to announce the launch of its new Sandblasting Assessment & Management programme. This is in response to this increasing consumer and brand concerns over the health implications to employees involved in the sandblasting process, which involves applying crystalline silica or sand particles to garments under high pressure. If performed without the appropriate protective ventilation and safety equipment and in suitable working conditions, the inhalation of dust containing crystalline silica can lead to silicosis, a serious pulmonary disease.

Intertek’s new programme enables brands and retailers to assess the impact of sandblasting in their production facilities located throughout their global supply chain. The aim of the assessment is to look at:

  • Sandblasting alternatives
  • Preventive measures in place to reduce health risks for workers
  • Clear instructions and training given to employees on handling machinery and hazardous materials
  • Management systems in place to ensure employees’ safety
  • Hazardous materials management process
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ensured and enforced

This new Sandblasting Assessment & Management programme complements Intertek’s existing supply chain sustainability programmes to address the major reputational risk and compliance themes, including the following:

  • Supplier Identity & Profile – Import Safety Intelligence (ISI)
  • Social Compliance – Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA)
  • Environmental Sustainability – Think Green Initiative (TGI)
  • Quality Assurance – Supplier Qualification Program (SQP)
  • Security Compliance – Global Security Verification (GSV)
  • Fabric Quality – Mill Qualification Program (MQP)

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