26 Apr 2011

Photovoltaic products with an Intertek CB Test Report are now accepted by the Japanese Photovoltaic Expansion Center (J-PEC) allowing end-users of these products to gain access to government subsidies.

Lake Forest, California, USA - Intertek, a leading third-party provider of quality and safety solutions, is now recognized by the J-PEC (Japanese Photovoltaic Expansion Center). This recognition enables photovoltaic (PV) products that go to market in Japan with an Intertek CB test report to be entitled to consumer subsidies. This means that a manufacturer that has their PV products tested and certified with Intertek does not require additional certifications or approvals when entering the Japanese market, saving time and money.

The recent impact of the nuclear crisis in Japan caused by the 311 earthquake has the Japanese government reviewing the possibility of preparing a new budget to support the quake-hit North-Eastern region of the country. A new budget may include the installation of solar energy systems with a capacity of about 1 billion watts and to promote the rapid growth of its renewable energy industry. This will no doubt provide great opportunities for manufacturers of Photovoltaic products and systems selling into the Japanese market. "Intertek can support its clients, located around the world, looking to access Japan and other global markets that are accelerating the growth of solar and renewable energy production” says Sunny Rai, Business Line Director, Photovoltaic Products, Intertek.

The recent recognition of Intertek by the Japan Department of Energy, allowing the use of Intertek CB reports issued by Intertek PV laboratories in California or Shanghai will facilitate access of solar energy products to the Japanese market. In addition to the new agreement with Japan, Intertek already works with North American and European agencies like the Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada and the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) to provide Test Reports for use by National, International and State level governments around the world, to approve end-user subsidies for the use and installation of PV products.

Intertek’s Shanghai Solar Energy Laboratory, founded in December 2008, is China's first solar module testing laboratory as well as China's first local CBTL. The Intertek Solar Energy Laboratory in Lake Forest, California has been in operation since October, 2008. Both laboratories operate state-of-the-art equipment and can test and certify to North American and International standards for safety and performance. Intertek also operates Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal laboratories in Plano, Texas, San Francisco, California, Taipei Taiwan and Guangzhou China to support our clients globally.

Intertek’s Solar Energy Testing facilities are Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTL) in the U.S. by the OSHA, Accredited testing laboratory by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and are designated CBTLs for the IEC Standards by the IECEE. For further information, visit www.intertek.com/solar.


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