Intertek Opens New 35-ton HVAC Psychrometric Testing Facility

November 09, 2009

New testing chamber bolsters convenience and capacity in Southwest region’s largest, independent HVACR performance and safety testing laboratory.

Chicago, IL - Intertek, the largest independent HVACR testing company in the world, announced it has started testing in its new 35-ton HVAC psychrometric testing chamber located in Plano, TX. The new 35-ton facility adds convenience and capacity to Intertek’s 100,000-square-foot HVACR testing center; the Southwest region’s largest independent performance and safety testing laboratory of its kind. The Plano laboratory is one of Intertek’s three HVACR testing centers in North America – Plano, TX; Columbus, OH; and Cortland, NY.

The Psychrometric Chamber is designed for testing product safety, reliability and performance characteristics of air conditioners and heat pumps (up to 35 tons) to requirements from the Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), AHRI, and among others, ASHRAE. The facility is capable of testing a variety of HVACR technologies, including split- systems, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps, water-to-air coils (heating and cooling), water cooled condenser systems, and refrigerant-to-water loops (a.k.a., chillers).

Intertek continues expanding its Plano, TX, HVACR testing center to provide local support in the nation’s top HVACR manufacturing region. For manufacturers, a regional 35-ton Psychrometric Chamber reduces costly freight and travel associated with shipping large commercial HVACR equipment. What’s more, with an on-call, full-service, state-of-the-art HVACR laboratory complex, manufacturers can quickly scale up and down lab operations as needed. This helps manufacturers to compress new product development and launch cycles, reduce costs and improve time to market.

“Any industry like HVACR where you have rapid innovation in a stringent regulatory environment, you must have ready access to testing capacity to keep R&D and conformity assessment from holding up sales,” said Cody Adams, Director of Operations for Intertek’s Plano laboratory. “Continued product development and increased scope of energy efficiency requirements has driven significant demand for large tonnage testing capabilities. Our new 35-ton facility fills a required niche in the market.”

In addition to its new 35-ton facility, Intertek’s Plano, TX, HVACR testing center boasts a 10-ton chamber and a 15-ton split chamber coming online in January 2010 that can be operated as two separate chambers. In the first quarter 2010, the lab will also bring online its new Gas Heat Lab.

Intertek is the world’s largest independent HVACR testing company in the world, providing manufacturers with local testing centers throughout North America, China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Intertek works with the world’s leading HVACR brands and is a test partner for the globally renowned certification program managed by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).


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