Webinar | Updates on Turkish KKDIK Registration

The Turkish regulation (KKDIK) requires companies to pre-register and register substances that are manufactured or placed on the Turkish market either on their own, or in mixtures or in articles with an intended release which are equal to, or above, 1 metric ton per annum. Companies exporting chemicals to Turkey can appoint an Only Representative (OR) to submit the KKDIK registration and the CLP notification on their behalf.

After 31 Dec 2023, substances either on their own, in mixtures or in articles that are equal to, or above, 1 metric ton per annum, cannot be manufactured or placed on the market if they are not registered in accordance with the relevant provisions of KKDIK. Some facilitations and derogation on information requirements of registration files have been published on the Chemical Registration System on 2nd of Feb, 2023 for speeding up the registration process.

This webinar will present the updates on KKDIK and the KKS tool and how companies are acting in order to complete the registration before the deadline.

05 April 2023 | 10am EDT, 2pm GMT, 4pm CEST

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