Demystifying a Custom Test Program

Things don’t always fit into a nice, neat box when it comes to testing. A custom program must be developed so that the right people can make the right decisions based on the right information at the right time. That’s where a non-standard, bespoke test program is needed!

But how do you get this information, and more importantly, know that it is the right information at the right time? View our complimentary on-demand webinar that demystify a custom test program.

Among the topics covered during this presentation include:

  • Will the information answer the question? And what is the question?
  • Can this information be available at the right time to make a decision?
  • Can we trust the information?
  • Are you in control of the test program, or is it in control of you?
  • Testing to failure for proactive risk mitigation
  • And more…

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