Verify Face Mask Compliance & Instill Customer Confidence with the Intertek Mask Label

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, face masks are now an essential accessory used to control the spread of the virus, whether you are a health care worker, front line employee or consumer. With many countries experiencing a shortage of both respirators and medical face masks, widespread demand has led to the market being flooded with unsafe, substandard and counterfeit products, giving unsuspecting wearers a false sense of security.

How do mask manufacturers, importers, buyers and even consumers know that the respirators and face masks they purchase and wear comply with relevant standards and offer the protection they promise?

In response to market demands for reliable and accurate information around respirators and face masks, Intertek has developed an innovative Mask Label Scheme to support our customers in communicating the verified quality and performance attributes of mask products through a trusted tool. The Mask Label Scheme also helps to promote regulatory compliance and increase traceability of mask products on the market.

Watch our webinar to learn more about the Intertek Mask Label – and how it can help you win the confidence and trust of your customers.

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