Webinar Download | Sustainability Essentials for Cosmetic Products 

Sustainability is becoming a hugely important issue for the cosmetic industry. Pressure is mounting from all stakeholders:

  • Customers are demanding sustainable cosmetic products: a cosmetic that lacks a good sustainability story is regarded as a bad product.  
  • Regulators are placing increasing sustainability demands on packaging, in areas such as recycling, circularity and plastics reduction, through such mechanisms as the French Circular Economy Law and the EU Directive on Single Use Plastics.  
  • Shareholders are demanding that cosmetic companies produce more sustainability reporting, such as corporate carbon reporting and targets for achieving Net Zero Emissions. 

As a result, cosmetic companies are investing heavily to maximise their sustainability positioning. This involves managing sustainability through the life cycle of their products and packaging. From product development to end of life processing, there are a wide variety of sustainability considerations that may need to be addressed. This webinar will help you learn more about how to integrate sustainability solutions into your packaging and products. Topics to be covered include: recyclability, circularity, materiality, carbon footprint, life cycle assessment (LCA), labelling and packaging eco-design. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts. 

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