Webinar Downloads | Reporting Carbon

Carbon emissions reporting is a form of reporting for the emissions created from commercial activity, usually as a strategy for identifying contributions to Global warming and to influence subsequent policies to mitigate human caused climate change.

Some reporting is compulsory, some is voluntary, some fit into other sustainability practices and some are stand alone. Is operational carbon getting too much attention to the detriment of embodied carbon?  Are investor asking for carbon information and reporting their own emissions? “As we ask more from the companies we invest in, we must hold ourselves accountable for measuring and managing the carbon risk in our portfolio”, says Jagdeeep Bachher, Chief Investment Officer, University of California. But there are data challenges (i.e. Carbon footprint measurements can be cradle-to-gate or cradle-to-cradle). Companies continue to report their greenhouse gas emissions to varying degrees of quality and detail, with some reports being verified by external parties and others not.

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