Webinar Downloads | Packaging Products - Sustainability through Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a decision support tool used to generate environmental profiles of products over their full or partial lifecycle technique to assess environmental impacts. It identifies environmental hotspots in the product lifecycle and establishes the benchmark against which improvements can be measured. LCA is also used in new product research and development when environmental footprint is important to the future marketing or cost structure of a product. One major value of an LCA is advanced visibility and decision making in regard to supply chain. LCA can be used to justify business decisions, from obtaining raw materials to modifying a specific operations process.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a standardized, product category-specific way of assessing and communicating the environmental performance of a product. We have a wealth of experience delivering EPDs for our clients, including an advice on EPD strategy (i.e. the type and number of EPD which would be most appropriate for a company, the choice of EPD programme, product categories, or links to other Carbon tools).

This on-demand webinar will focus on Life Cycle Assessments and Environmental Product Declarations for Packaging Products and will feature a case study of polymer manufacturer – Aquapak.

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