Introduction to the process and benefits of Intertek Inview Remote Auditing

On Demand Webinar

Remote Auditing can offer greater flexibility and a more sustainable alternative to traditional assessments, improving safety, reducing time, travel and expenses, while also improving the quality and detail of audit reports. With the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, businesses have taken steps to contain and delay the spread through quarantines and other restrictions. This includes some organisations that have implemented policies to restrict the access of third parties to their premises, which has made Remote Auditing a key tool for ensuring continued assurance and minimal disruption to business as usual.

In this webinar, we will explain the Remote Auditing process and how Remote Audits can benefit organisations of every size and type, in every sector, including:

  • Benefits of remote auditing for organisations
  • Remote auditing security
  • Remote audits vs physical audits
  • Introduction to Intertek’s Inview remote auditing process
  • A leads auditor’s perspective
  • Clients’ perspectives

About the presenter

Mark Greenstein began working in supplier compliance audits 17 years ago. During this time, he has worked with internationally recognised brands from diverse industries, including clothing and textiles, entertainment, wholesale, logistics and retail.
Having completed over 4,500 audits over a 17-year auditing career, Mark’s expertise includes Product Safety, Factory Approvals, Product Risk Assessment, HACCP, FMEA, TACCP, VACCP, Product Traceability, QMS, ISOs 9001, 13485, 22000, 22716, and C-TPAT.