Inspection 101: 4-Part Webinar, An Overview of the Independent Inspection Industry

Schedulers and other oil & gas professionals often need to assign an inspection company to perform Quantity Inspections during custody transfers (loads and discharges) but what does the inspection actually cover? This 4 part webinar will enable our clients to learn and understand the generalizations of our company and the inspection industry in general. We will go into detail about all of the tasks the inspectors perform during these inspections. Since this is a very comprehensive course, we will be presenting this webinar in four (4) parts. To fully understand the course and get the most knowledge about the role of the inspectors and the laboratories, it is very important to attend all four (4) sessions. We will present the sessions in October, November and December.

In this 4-episode webinar, you will learn:

October 15, 10:00am CST – Inspection 101 – Part 1
Intertek Caleb Brett and an Overview of the Inspection Industry

November 5th, 10:00am CST – Inspection 101 - Part 2
The Role of the Independent Inspector and The Four (4) Basic Priorities of Inspection

November 19th, 10:00am CST – Inspection 101 - Part 3
Shore Tanks and Marine Vessels (Measurement and Operations Shore Tanks and Marine Vessels (Measurement and Operations)

December 10th, 10:00am CST – Inspection 101 - Part 4
Special Topics (Inspection Report Terminology, Shore Tank Critical Zones, Shore Line Verification, Water Issues, and Slotted/Unslotted Standpipes

After attending all four parts of this webinar, participants will fully understand the role of the inspection company and the processes that an inspector goes through to provide accurate and detailed reports. In addition, attendees will learn new terminologies that they may come across and give them more access to Intertek Caleb Brett.

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