Webinar: Automated & Connected Vehicle Testing FAQs

The automotive industry is investing millions of dollars to further advance automated and connected vehicles (CAVs). While these investments are developing the technology of the future, there is still confusion in the industry regarding what types of testing can and should be performed immediately.

Intertek has the depth of knowledge and experience, thanks to our regular laboratory and on-road testing, to address many of the questions that arise as companies consider testing new and advanced technologies. And as the track operation manager for the American Center for Mobility, a more than 500-acre proving ground dedicated to testing this type of advanced technology in real-world situations, our professionals have aided companies execute extensive testing scenarios.

Together, ACM and Intertek, will address many of the common questions they hear in this comprehensive webinar.

During the presentation, some of the many topics covered include:

  • How can I accurately know my vehicle’s position and trajectory when I lose the GPS signal?
  • Why do I need to certify my dedicated short range communications transceiver? How do I receive certification?
  • How do I validate my camera’s ability to detect and recognize objects in different light conditions?
  • What are some of the edge cases or potential difficulties when using radar?
  • And several more!

View this presentation to help answer your CAV vehicle testing questions. This event is hosted by both Intertek and the American Center for Mobility.

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