Mythbusting Vibration Fundamentals - Transmissibility and Resonance

As the reliability of products continues to improve, the methods in which they are validated have become more sophisticated as well. Yet in vibration testing, commonly- held industry beliefs with regards to resonance understanding and transmissibility control continue to hinder many test results.

In this free webinar recording, we tackle the myths and collective beliefs surrounding resonance and transmissibility as they relate to fixturing and test stands prepared for vibration testing. As the mythbusters say, are these Confirmed, or Busted?!

Some of the many topics that are covered include:

  • Definitions Resonance and Transmissibility
  • How to properly measure such tests
  • Understanding the stack up of common vibration sites
  • What the current industry expectations are
  • Good practices for proper test setups
  • Required information for test proposals

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