Register: Driving Quality throughout the Automotive Supply Chain On-Demand Webinar

You rely on your suppliers to provide top-quality components that perform as designed. But how will you know that what they ship meets specifications, especially now with the intense regulatory scrutiny around the recall and quality process? This has major consequences on how the ecosystem is monitored, as well as significant impacts on risks and compliance processes in many other areas like sustainability and human rights, across the entire automotive supply chain.

Join Intertek for an overview on the issues and challenges that are faced by today’s automotive supply chains.

During this webinar we will look closely at and discuss the following topics:

  • Key challenges in automotive supply chain operations
  • How the automotive industry can address the quality issues, demands and possible disruptions of automotive supply chain compliance operations
  • Different approaches to lessen compliance risk exposure in automotive supply chains to make operations more lean and flexible


Catherine Beare
Senior Director of Supply Chain Assurance, Intertek InlightTM
Catherine is based in London leading Intertek's Inlight solution. With 15 years supply chain management experience, Catherine works with clients on helping them deliver supply chain focus by identifying key supply chain risks, which empower customers to make informed decisions. The Intertek Supply Chain Assurance services support a number of clients, ranging from traditional retailers and brands to Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Automotive and Telecommunication, to name a few.

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