Tornado Shelter Codes & Standards

When natural disasters strike, the safety of building occupants is of the utmost importance. Providing your customers with assurance that your products will withstand wind borne debris and minimize water penetration in the event of high winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes is crucial to getting your products to market.

This one hour on-demand webinar discusses ICC 500 testing and certification requirements and how Intertek can be the complete solution for all your testing needs.

Following the webinar, viewers will understand:

  • the basic requirements of ICC 500-2014 Shelter Standard and the relationship of FEMA- P320-2014 and P361-2015 Guidelines.
  • the testing, certification, and labeling requirements for ICC 500-14.
  • the role Intertek can play in helping you conduct the necessary testing and obtaining the appropriate certification for entry into your desired markets.

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