Beyond Conformance Auditing - Aerospace Whitepaper

Suppliers in the Aerospace industry face a myriad of challenges and barriers to market. Besides having to meet stringent safety and quality requirements with their products, many have found that end-user OEMs are creating their own business requirements, which then cascade down through the entire market. Often, compliance with industry standards is not a choice, but a mandatory step that must be completed in order to be considered a qualified supplier in the industry.

A certified quality management system (QMS) is designed to help improve an organisation’s products and processes, which can foster improved relationships with customers and give a business a real advantage in the marketplace. QMS certification to AS9100D, AS9110C, or AS9120B can provide you with the credentials needed to pursue new business opportunities, both domestically and internationally, but too often gaining certification can be a missed opportunity. Why does this happen? Unfortunately, organisations sometimes see gaining AS certification merely as a matter of conformance and therefore fail to utilise the audit process fully as a means of achieving business targets and goals and generating a clear ROI.

However, progressive organisations should ask themselves how they can maximise the value-added benefits that can be derived from AS certification. In this whitepaper, we will explain the benefits of partnering with a Certification Body that approaches your audit as an opportunity that can help to facilitate real improvement to business processes.