Benchmarking Anti-Plaque Agents In Dentifrices And Mouthwashes

Dental plaque is a complex biofilm that accumulates on the hard tissues (teeth) in the oral cavity. A build-up of plaque can lead to health issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. Many manufacturers of oral healthcare products are focused on improving the oral health of their consumers by developing formulations with anti-plaque and anti-microbial properties. In vitro laboratory tests are a cost-effective solution for measuring the anti-plaque and anti-microbial properties of oral care products. These tests can be used to generate valuable information about product performance, while reducing risk in the early stages of product development. Download our case study to learn how in vitro testing methods can aid understanding of the potential anti-plaque or anti-microbial properties of a new agent or formulated product can guide new product formulation and support marketing claims.