At Intertek, we believe in the power of diversity. Diversity of origin, gender, religion, orientation, education, experience and of course, character. At any business, it is essential to put people at the heart of the growth strategy to deliver sustainable value and make a meaningful contribution to society. It all starts with diversity, as a business cannot create magic without it.

By embracing our differences, working together, and listening to one another, we can find a better way not just to do business, but to live our lives. That’s why we are very proud to launch MOSAIC, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programme, an exciting new platform that brings our people together through practical workshops and provides them with a range of valuable resources.

Together, our people are a rich mosaic of diverse and talented experts, passionate about building an amazing world, and committed to always showing respect and understanding the needs of colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and communities.

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