In November 2023, we were thrilled to welcome new joiners for the first time through our new, global, e-enabled 10X Onboarding experience.

The new programme was designed to cover the important information new colleagues need for a successful career with Intertek, but also to deliver it in an easy-to-use and engaging way. 10X Onboarding is now live on Lucie, our bespoke internal global Learning Management System, and every new starter is automatically enrolled on this programme to ensure they feel fully supported. Even existing colleagues are invited to take part in the 10X Onboarding experience, if they feel they want to get to know a little bit more about Intertek and our global operations.

10X Onboarding 1.0 is a self-paced learning experience and includes five modules that are specifically designed to provide new starters with valuable knowledge and tools relating to who we are, what we do, our culture, and our resources. It then brings everything together in the final module that ensures they are ready for the exciting challenges ahead of them.

All of these modules are fully accessible; offering closed captioning and voiceovers to enhance the learning experience. Participants collect stamps in their 'training passport' as they complete each section, within each module, on their journey. Once they collect all the required stamps, they receive a certificate to recognise their accomplishment.

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