At Intertek, we are on a good to great journey to becoming a global icon for Total Quality Assurance, and we are supporting our amazing people in that journey through our exciting new Champions engagement programme, launched in September 2023.

Champions is data-science based, benefitting from the world-leading workplace science expertise of Gallup, and includes regular surveys and team action planning. It is led by line managers across Intertek and is designed to be simple and quick to implement. We also provided a Champions video to help our people understand the process in more detail, and made a dedicated training programme available to ensure colleagues have all the support they need.

As part of the launch, we each received a personal invitation from Gallup to take part in the first Champions Q12 survey, giving all colleagues the opportunity to rate statements precisely crafted to measure employee engagement. Then, using anonymised reports, our managers were able to share results with their teams and plan Champion actions together. This process will be repeated regularly, so that our teams can track their progress and work together on the actions they have agreed upon.

The Champions engagement programme is a hugely important part of working at Intertek, enabling open and constructive dialogue within teams to create 10X purpose led engagement.

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