Case Study: CarbonClear

Case study

Independent carbon intensity certification

CarbonClear™ is our breakthrough global programme that provides companies with independent carbon intensity certification across their entire oil and gas production portfolio.

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The CarbonClear™ Certification is designed for the transparency, precision, and assurance of carbon emissions performance. We were delighted to award our first Certification in July 2020 to Lundin Energy, one of Europe’s leading independent oil and gas companies, for its Edvard Grieg field in the central North Sea. Along with providing businesses with credibility and assurance, we also see CarbonClear™ as a catalyst for accelerating investment and performance in carbon footprint reduction across the energy sector, helping our clients to Build Back Ever Better, and reducing emissions for current and future generations.

Companies and countries are moving faster than ever to invest in, and be leaders of, sustainability and the energy transition. CarbonClear™ is a vital tool for energy investors, regulators, consumers and producers to converge financial and sustainability goals, commercialise low-carbon investments, and demonstrate certified progress in the race to net zero emissions.
Malissa BoudreauxSenior Vice President, World of Energy
Malissa Boudreaux
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