Sustainability for Investors

Bringing Quality, Safety and Sustainability to Life

Intertek has been a force for good for over 130 years, bringing quality, safety and sustainability to life with a pioneering spirit. Indeed, we believe that we are born to make the world ever better.


  • Force for Good for over 130 years
  • Bringing Quality, Safety and Sustainability to Life is our purpose
  • Sustainability central to everything we do
  • Tremendous community support
  • Local team empowerment and accountability


  • Targeting Net Zero emissions by 2050
  • Yearly management incentive
  • Continuous progress on carbon intensity reductions
  • Carbon intensity scorecard for every operation
  • Joining the UN Race to Zero campaign


  • 6,000 NPS interviews per month
  • Women in senior management 30% by 2025
  • Total Recordable Incidents < 0.5 per 200,000 hours worked
  • Compliance training attendance 100%
  • Voluntary permanent turnover rate < 15%
  • Group Engagement Index 90%

Supporting our clients to achieve their sustainability targets

We are deeply committed to supporting our customers, having a positive impact on our people and communities, minimising our environmental impacts, operating with integrity by doing business the right way, and pursuing our socially responsible activities through living our strong values every day, everywhere.

We work with many of the world's largest multinational corporations and best-known brands to improve the social, ethical and environmental consequences of their products, services and supply chains.

Blue mark_Certified Sustainability

Non-financial Highlights

We measure our success by tracking both non-financial key performance indicators that reflect our strategic priorities.


Total Recordable Incident Rate (‘TRIR’)1

0.51 (2020: 0.40)
Target: TRIR below 0.5 per 200,000 hours worked


Average number of NPS interview per month

6,000 (2020: 6,000)
Target: At least 6,000 NPS interviews per month.


Voluntary permanent employee turnover rate

13% (2020: 8.7%)
Target: <15%


ATIC engagement index score

79.9% (2020: 89%)
Target: 90%


Operational emissions intensity ratio CO2 per employee2 (market-based)

4.35 (2020: 4.34)
Target: Recognising the importance of bold ambitions, we are setting targets to improve environmental performance across our operations, and to clearly demonstrate our commitment we are aligning our business with the most ambitious aim of the Paris Agreement, to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and reach net zero by 2050.


Percentage of women in senior management roles

23% (2020: 23.3%)
Target: 30% by 2025


Completion of annual compliance training by eligible employees

94% (2020: 96%)
Target: 100% of eligible employees
  1. TRIR per 200,000 hours worked

  2. CO2te per employee based on average employees over the reporting period


To find out more about our Non-Financial KPI’s and why we measure them see the Intertek 2021 Annual Report

Memberships and programmes

We are a member of the ‘Get Nature Positive’ campaign

We are a participant in the LEAF (Lower Emissions by Accelerating Forest Finance) Coalition

We have joined the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign and have committed to set science-based emissions reduction targets across the entire value chain, that are consistent with keeping global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels

Through our vast reach across our 400,000 customers and the industries which they occupy, our services help contribute to progress across all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Member of the Valuable 500

We are an accredited Living Wage Employer in the UK