Business Model

Guided by our purpose and supported by our culture and values, our business is geared towards delivering value to all our stakeholders.

What we do

As the world changes, operating safely, sustainably and delivering quality products and services becomes more difficult. Supply chains are rapidly growing in both size and complexity, bringing unprecedented levels of risk. Companies need a trusted partner, and we provide our clients with a risk-based approach to Quality Assurance.

Total Quality Assurance

The work we do covers everything from testing toys to inspecting power stations, and from certifying vaccines to providing end-to-end Quality Assurance. We provide a fully integrated portfolio of Assurance, Testing, Inspection, Certification (‘ATIC’) services to give our customers complete peace of mind for their products, services and operating systems. Our innovation-led, end to-end Total Quality Assurance (‘TQA’) value proposition is designed to support our clients 24/7. It provides a fully integrated portfolio of Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification (‘ATIC’) services to give our customers complete peace of mind for their products, services and operating systems.

But the ATIC solutions we offer go beyond the quality and safety of a corporation’s physical components, products and assets. They go to the heart of the reliability of their operating processes and quality management. We call it Total Quality Assurance because it enables our clients to mitigate risk at every stage of their operations.

Our TQA customer promise

To become the most trusted partner we have made a promise to our customers: Intertek’s unrivalled TQA expertise is delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion. This is what makes us different. Our clients can rely on the consistent quality and accuracy of our work; the speed of our response, as we deliver rapid and accurate feedback; backed up by our desire and belief in what we do. That means our clients can operate with total peace of mind and power ahead safely.

How we do it

Our global network

With more than 1000 laboratories and offices in over 100 countries, we are always close and on hand for all our customers. By harnessing our global presence, we effectively enable our innovators and technicians to become a worldwide network of subject matter experts.

Our people culture and values

Our core strength is, and always will be, our people. The way our colleagues combine passion and innovation with customer commitment sets us apart. This is a vital element of our entrepreneurial, customer-centric culture.

Our values

  • We are a global family that values diversity.
  • We always do the right thing, with precision, pace and passion.
  • We trust each other and have fun winning together.
  • We own and shape our future.
  • We create sustainable growth. For all.

Backed up by our desire and belief in what we do. That means our clients can operate with total peace of mind and power ahead safely.

Our sectors

Products – Ensuring the quality and safety of physical components and products, and risk assessment of operating processes and quality management systems.

Protecting the value and quality of products during custody- transfer, storage and transportation, via analytical assessment, inspection and technical services.

Optimising the use of assets in oil, gas, nuclear and power industries and minimising risk in their supply chains through technical inspection, asset integrity management, analytical testing and ongoing training services.

Our high-quality earnings model

Based on the delivery of our unique TQA value proposition, the virtuous economics of our earnings model – high-margin, strongly cash-generative, capital-light and carbon-light, delivering strong pricing power – is at the very core of what makes us successful.

Our ability to profitably deliver ATIC services to customers operating in the structurally attractive Products, Trade and Resources economic sectors is based on our capital-light business model and entrepreneurial culture. This model enables us to respond quickly to new growth opportunities. To maximise returns, we continue to invest in high-growth, high-margin areas and maintain a disciplined capital allocation. As a result we have achieved strong free cash flow and negative working capital.

The value we create

We aim to create meaningful and sustainable long-term value for a broad range of stakeholders.

Our stakeholders

We deliver innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions to our customers for their operations and supply chains.

Our experts embody our TQA culture, ensuring the quality, safety and sustainability of products and services used by millions around the world.

Our investor stakeholders include all groups that have an interest in the success and sustainability of our global business.

Our suppliers provide products and services, and help us manage and track the performance in our supply chains.

We are focused on achieving a positive impact within the communities where we operate, supporting local causes and partnering with charities.

Governments and regulators
We comply with all global, regional and local regulations.