The requirements for hazard communication, or Hazcom, in our global economy are complex and confusing. While the Hazcom requirements are similar from country to country, each jurisdiction has its own nuances when it comes to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and product labels. The requirements for the protection of confidential business information (CBI) on SDS and labels differs significantly between jurisdictions. Some countries have different requirements for consumer product classification and labelling that is not entirely in-line with the GHS classification criteria. It is important to understand the various strategies and processes to protect trade secret ingredients. Additionally, there many companies receive requests for SDS for items such as articles, though articles are typically exempt from SDS regulations. All of these things make it challenging for a company to be compliant in a global marketplace. This on-demand webinar will help you gain an understanding of the basic elements of hazcom and introduce the nuances between various jurisdictions for the implementation of Hazcom.