The European Commission published on 26th June the Regulation EU 2020/878 which will replace the previous regulatory reference for the compilation of Safety Data Sheets (Regulation EU 2015/830). The date of application is January 1st 2021. However, according to Article 2 of the Regulation, SDS complying with Regulation 2015/830 may continue to be provided until December 31st 2022.

The new requirements include:

  • inclusion of Unique Formula Identifiers (UFIs) to Section 1.1
  • addition of technical content on the acute toxicity estimates (ATEs), multiplying factors (M-factors), and specific concentration limits for substances and ingredients of mixtures
  • give some specific SDS requirements relevant to substances and mixtures with endocrine disrupting properties
  • Additional information requirements for substances placed on the market as a nanoform 
  • more detailed requirements for physicochemical properties

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