Maintaining up to date tank calibration data is of vital importance in maintaining customer confidence, identifying potential losses in stock and resolving loading issues, thereby supporting client’s operational efficiency.

This on-demand webinar is presented by Nigel McKeown tank calibration team leader and inventor of the innovative ScanCal technology. The webinar provide a detailed insight into the application of laser scanning for tank calibration and the cutting edge ScanCal tank calibration programme.

This webinar will illustrate:

  • The application of the EODR methodology
  • The application of laser scanning to tank calibration
  • The benefits of laser scanning over the EODR methodology
  • Introduction to the ScanCal programme
  • The benefits of ScanCal technology in post processing of tank calibration data
  • Customer deliverables of the ScanCal programme

You will be able to access the on-demand webinar on form completion.