Most testing plans are based on past experience. So how do you get valid information when you’re dealing with brand new materials, environments or requirements? Testing the same old way you always have could result in questionable data!

By using a properly designed accelerated test to failure you can find the non-intuitive failures that would normally require months or even years in the field to identify. Finding real failure modes earlier in the development process can save time and potentially even avoid significant warranty (and brand reputation) issues.

View our complimentary on-demand webinar that discusses how to use Accelerated Stress Testing methods and the different test methods available.

Among the topics covered during this presentation include:

  • Avoiding failed validation
  • Conventional testing vs. Accelerated Stress Test (AST)
  • What AST test methods are available (FMVT, HALT and more)
  • A deeper dive into HALT and FMVT
  • How to develop a Smart Test Plan
  • And more…

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Be sure to also view Part 2 on Failure Analysis and learn more about how to identify what went wrong!