Announcing the launch of a new audit protocol to assess recruitment practices at Labour Recruitment Agencies.  Join us for a webinar to learn about the newest addition to Intertek’s Social Responsibility auditing solutions designed to enable organisations around the world to monitor their supply chains and ensure fair working conditions.

The large-scale migration of workers in global supply chains is increasingly facilitated by networks of recruitment agencies, and labour outsourcing providers. Combined with the employment of services contractors by suppliers and the inherent lack of transparency in supply chains, organisations face increased risk of serious labour exploitation due to unethical recruitment practices. These types of labour providers are often overlooked or marginally reviewed through social audits, as efforts of businesses are prioritized at core production suppliers.

Intertek’s new service focuses specifically on the Labour & Recruitment Agencies as a baseline assessment with opportunity for continuous improvement through the development of policies and procedures to support systemic good recruitment practices across business partners.

During the webinar we will review additional support offered with our partner Workplace Options, for organisations or suppliers wishing to implement grievance mechanisms, surveys, labour line, to improve communication with workers and to prevent further labour violation.

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Elena Fanjul-Debnam, Workplace Options
Based in Singapore, Elena is the Vice President of Labour Solutions at Workplace Options. She leverages her background in social enterprises to lead the Labour Solutions team in developing high-quality human resource technology tools designed specifically for the manufacturing environment. Before joining Workplace Options, Elena worked with several leading organisations in Indonesia to design and develop sustainable business solutions to address development challenges. Elena spent eight years in Indonesia, arriving in 2010 as Fulbright Scholar.  Prior to living and working in Indonesia, Elena worked in analytics in the US.

Jenna Pires, Intertek
Jenna Pires has been with Intertek since 2005 and is a Senior Manager within the Business Assurance Innovations team.  She is accountable for client advisory services and advancement of new products related to Corporate Social Responsibility. She is currently managing the development of Intertek’s electronic based auditing technology solutions that assist companies with gaining valuable insight into their supply chain.  Prior to joining Intertek, she worked in China for several years where she was a research analyst for Ipsos, a Market Research & Consulting company.  Jenna holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of International Affairs with a special emphasis on Human Rights and CSR from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York.  Jenna currently resides in Dallas, Texas.